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We are taking this time to update and catch up adding more to the school and story line.We will be opened once again be next Sunday. You may continue with your story lines and ask question but we will not be posting anything for one week. When we will do more roles will be up and we look forward to seeing more people apply. Thank you!

It’s been kind of dead, a little more activeness please? I know we all have different time zones and stuff but we really want to keep this alive .___.

Me and Victoria have had a lot on our plates this week, my computer is down so I’m working from my sisters while trying to balance multiple RPs. We’ll try to have ne bios up? Just don’t go dying guys!


Too dead. Always dead.



"you should make paul wesley & ian somerhalder fc teachers bc they're sexy!"

Lolll. We’ll see what we can do (:

-Mama Goose

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"is it ok, when i apply can i use a para form another rp im in?"

Not really. Me and Vic kind of like to see how you portray the character, if they’re similar then maybe? But it wouldn’t be preferred.

-Mama Goose

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"lmfao. it is. i looked at the siblings and went for straight to ask. well, once i make my account and go off anon can i reserve her? or you could make an exception and let me reserve her and i'll audition asap?"

I don’t want to be unfair to other people that have been on anon asking to reserve, sorrry :/ Make sure to send it as soon as possible! We’d love to have you as a part of the Academy! :D

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"well... you should take her off the open females than, and the only reason im on anon is because i don't have an account yet."

She isn’t on Open Female. That’s Abbie Skellington xD

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"can i reserve Marie Skelliton?"

She’s taken. And I don’t reserve anon either.

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Dash Parr

  • Parents: Bob and Helen Parr
  • Siblings: Violet Parr
  • Age: 16
  • Grade: Sophomore 
  • FC: Freddie Stroma 


Blonde hair, blue eyes, speed of light. Dash is a total kid, always looking for some friendly competition just to show off, he knows what he’s made of and isn’t afraid to flaunt it. His personality is stuck in grammar school where everything is a joke and nothing needs to make sense. ’I know you are but what am I?’ ‘Cheater cheater pumpkin eater’ ‘Why so serious?‘ He’s lost in his childhood mind and finds it hard to be serious in the moments he has to be the most. He cares about peoples feeling but can’t help when they get hurt because of his joking attitude, he lives to entertain and making people laugh fuels him for whatever he has to do. Dash doesn’t have many enemies, sure there are people who don’t like him, but there’s only one person who hates his guts. Knox Alcaeus, son of Hercules, a god at everything he does, and sports are his life, competition means everything to him. When Dash came and stole the show, running miles in seconds knowing no one could ever catch up to him, envy grew, and it’s a 24/7 competition between the two boys. They’re neck and neck in everything they do, holding advantages over the other, and even though Dash might not take the competition too seriously, Knox makes it a life goal to beat Dash at everything. 

Hello and welcome to Echantations Preparatory Academy. Home to the children of Story book characters; or what humans would call them. They were never fairy tales but a reality you've never could imagines. Here, the children of these beings study on campus while enjoying many other sights and places in the school. It's location is unknown, but the students are here to tell the tale.

Welcome to the school. It's enchanting to meet you.

Scared yet?